Karatsoli Maria (in progress): Intelligent transport systems with usage of “big data” for management of sustainable mobility.

Gogas Michael (in progress): Determining logistics centers network of intermodal transportation in Southeastern Europe.

Karakikes Ioannis (2021): Simulation and impact assessment of innovative systems for urban freight distribution.

Tsami Maria (2019): Modeling the impact of transit quality of service on user mode and route choices.

Papoutsis Konstantinos (2019): Cost analysis and optimization of sustainable urban freight transport under the prism of Life-Cycle Analysis. Joint PhD: University of Thessaly and University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Adamos Ioannis (2016): Modeling the impact of road safety communication campaigns and training programs on driving behavior.

Kottas Panagiotis (2012): Drivers’ drowsiness detection system with eye image processing. 

Petamidis Charalampos (2011): Traffic management optimization through driver behavior and traffic simulation.

Athanasopoulos Kyrillos (in progress): Feasibility of interurban freight transportation on public transportation systems.

Xydianou Theonymphi (in progress): Development of an urban network for drone deliveries.

Mpormpoli Erasmia (in progress): Spatial and transportation integration of the transeuropean Hellenic intermodal transportation network.

Mpogkas Konstantinos (2020): Location of small distribution centers in urban areas.

Flaski Eleni (2020): Comparison of methodologies for the analysis of hazardous material transportation.

Magginas Vissarion (2020): Investigating the impact of 3D printing technology on the supply chain.

Kiousis Vassilis (2018): Assessing traffic and environmental impacts of smart lockers logistics measure in a medium-sized municipality of Athens using traffic microsimulation.

Charalampidou Sofia (2015): Development of route optimization models for route planners: the case of I-Mobi Volos.

Karakitsiou Evgenia (2015): Investigation of municipal waste collection systems: The case of the Municipality of Peristeri.

Tsanakas Nikos (2015): Calibration and evaluation of traffic flow models using empirical data.

Charalabidou Sofia (2013: Smart mobility in the city of Volos.

Barkabas Vassilis (2012): Restructuring logistics business model of MAMA products Distribution Company.

Efremidou Ermioni (2012): Development of forecast models for the influence of talking while driving on driving behavior.

Kamara Maria-Ioulia (2012): Development of an operational framework for the intermodal network of freight transportation in Greece.

Koukoulis Dimitris (2011): Investigating the level of service of the bike network in the city of Karditsa.

Sanidas Giannis (2010): Design of the transportation of liquid fuel through bypassing the tunnels of Attiki Odos.

Adamos Ioannis (2005): Analysis of the effects of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on driving behavior and traffic.

Ladopoulos Lazaros (2004): Integrated impact assessment system of the advanced systems for the management of road traffic and road infrastructure.

Aggida Georgia, Drakouli Vaia (in progress): Investigating the introduction of mobility as a service in Volos.

Zorbas Alexis (in progress): Optimizing urban distribution in the city of Volos.

Mavrogenidou Giota (2019): Simulating ITS impact on traffic flow.

Sourlas Dimitris (2019): A thorough review and analysis of journey planners.

Zerzis Dimitrios, Terzakis Thomas Ioannis (2018): Simulation of the establishment and operation of an urban consolidation center in Volos.

Chatzistamatis Nikolaos (2018): Acceptance of night deliveries in the central business district of Volos.

Samaras-Kamilarakis Stavros, Vogiatzakis Petros Angelos (2018): The contribution of open big data sources and analytics tools in sustainable urban mobility.

Papaioannou Giorgos (2017): Optimal fleet and route choice on maritime transport.

Michailidis Ilias (2017): The role of big data in transport.

Zafiridis Theodoros (2017): Travelers’ behavioral models.

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Magginas Aris, Manoli Stefania: (2015): PPP in the port of Volos.

Kouros Panagiotis (2014): Freeway incident management through incident detection algorithms. the case of Attiki Odos.

Karyoti Eleni (2014): Assessment of the accessibility and mobility at Pelion villages.

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Papafoti Lambrini (2014): Green urban transportation in Volos.

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Kontos Panagiotis (2007): Design and management of the transportation of liquid fuel through the tunnels of Attiki Odos.

Kyritsis Chariton (2007): Presentation and implementation of a hierarchy process for the optimization of level junctions.

Primpidis Konstantinos (2005): Quality analysis of passenger services of Hellenic Railway Organization.

Nanouris Christos (2004): Risk analysis of the national road network of the city of Volos.

Dimitriou Evgenia, Triantafyllou Maria (2003): Analysis of the strategic and operational plan of Volos Port Authority and formulation of an exploitation plan of port space.

Arvanitaki Erasmia, Gogas Michael (2003): Investigation of measures for environmental impacts due to traffic congestion in the city of Kalamaria.

Loupasaki Eleftheria (2003): Planning and evaluation of road incidents in the wider area of Volos.

Nikakis Konstantinos (2002): E-parking system in Kingston Upon Thames.

Maltzaris Ioannis (2002): Before-After analysis and implementation of the evaluation of traffic management measures in the city of Polihni.

Liaskas Thomas (2002): Analysis of road nodes, links, and network via static and dynamic methods.

Konstantis Xenofon (2002): Development of an impact assessment framework for the traffic impacts of alternative scenarios for the city of Volos.

Economidis Ioannis (2001): Investigation of the impacts caused by telematics and new technologies in the transportation sector.

Philippatos Othonas (2000): Feasibility study of the development of a logistics centre in the wider area of Volos.