EVALOG is an open platform for assessing urban freight solutions. It structures a multi-criteria multi-stakeholder decision making process that, through the combination of objectives, criteria and indicators, organizes and harmonises the preferences of stakeholders, assesses the Logistics Sustainability Index (LSI) of the solutions considered and formulates the proposal for selecting the best of them. EVALOG is targeted at municipalities, but its users may also be individual operators, active in this field.

The platform was developed by TTLog within the European project “NOVELOG – New Cooperative Business Models and Guidance for Sustainable City Logistics” and is provided FREE OF CHARGE.



In order to provide know-how in the direction of sustainable urban freight solutions, TTLog provides the following additional services:

  • Consultation on measures/policies to be tested, based on the CenSensus Delphi platform for the ranking of the alternative solutions based on stakeholders’ preferences
  • Instructions and support on data collection and impact assessment
  • Selection of evaluation components per stakeholder category, setting up and running EVALOG
  • Further analyses for specific evaluation requirements
    • Social Cost Benefit
    • Transferability and Adaptability
    • Risk Assessment
  • Preparation of a technical report and presentation depicting the analyses results

To get an exact estimate of the above services, please contact us through EVALOG’s website http://evalog.civ.uth.gr/Contact.aspx.

You can download EVALOG Brochure.