The Laboratory

The Traffic, Transportation and Logistics Laboratory (TTLog) (FEK 1203/B/23-06-2016) is a renaming of the Transport Engineering Laboratory, which was founded in 2005 and belongs to the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Thessaly. TTLog aims at the enforcement of the educational and research activities and the encouraging of close cooperation with other laboratories and research institutes.
Among the objectives of the laboratory are:

  • The support of undergraduate/postgraduate educational and research programs.
  • The guidance and supervision of doctoral research of methodological, theoretical, scientific and technical content in the transport sector.
  • The cooperation with research centers and technological organizations in Greece and abroad.
  • The organization of seminars and conferences for the continuous training of the academic personnel and students.
  • The scientific publications and books.

Analytically, the activities of TTLog are:

  1. Transportation policy and governance
  2. Transportation planning, design and evaluation
    • Sustainable mobility systems design
    • Travel surveys
    • Service quality
    • Demand forecasting
    • Traffic modelling
    • Impact assessment and evaluation
  3. Transport safety
  4. User behavior analysis
  5. Driving behavior modelling
  6. ICT application in transportation
  7. Intelligent Transportation Systems – ITS
  8. Freight transportation and logistics
  9. Transit systems
  10. Intermodal transport and transport interchanges

The Traffic, Transportation and Logistics Laboratory has created a supportive educational and research environment which provides guidance to undergraduate and postgraduate students, to PhD students and researchers to work and develop new ideas and consequently contribute to the enhancement of the research and innovation performance of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Thessaly.