Transportation planning

The course aims at the provision of scientific knowledge and experience on issues concerning:

• The estimation of traffic impacts of transportation projects and policies.

• The decision making in the domain of transportation engineering and planning.

The course objectives incorporate the analysis of transportation systems and their evaluation in general, while studying the fundamental concepts, disciplines and terms of transport planning, together with the procedures and stakeholders involved in each case. The typology, contents and scope of transportation studies is investigated and the principles and functions concerning traffic flows, velocity and other parameters are analyzed. The focus is also set on sampling and data collection methods, techniques and practices. Finally, the course penetrates into issues pertaining to trip generation and assignment in the transport means and respective network, focusing on modeling (e.g. gravity and behavioral models) also using software in order to better understand and simulate the operational profile and the design principles of transportation networks. The knowledge of basic concepts of traffic flow theory and statistical analysis are considered to be prerequisites for the attendance and understanding of the course.

The students who will attend the classes of the course will be able to: 1. Identify the basic terms, principles and disciplines associated to the design and operation of transport systems. 2. Design and elaborate sampling and origin destination syrveys. 3. Elaborate the setting up of the network and its zoning system within an area of study, origin-destination surveys and algorithms on shortest path and optimization of cost (travel time). 4. Solve shortest path trees and algorithms, trip generation and assignment problems, as well as regression problems. 5. Use software such as EMME/2 for trip network assignment (and per transportation mode) and model development in order to simulate several situations of transportation network (both current and future based on projections) according to fully determined scenarios.

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Transportation planning
Course Information
  • Course Id:MHXC164
  • ECTS:5
  • Hours / week: 4
  • Semester:5th

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